The Death Road is probably one of the craziest things you are ever going to do in your life. 64 km long road starting on the top of the mountains, at “La Cumbre at 4,700 meters above the sea level leading through the mountains, rainforest, waterfalls and finally the beginning of the Amazonas. The last point of the road is “Yolosa”, 1,200 meters above the sea level. Thus you will definitely feel the quick altitude change. However, it is an unforgettable experience.


Bolivia´s Death Road – The World Most Dangerous Road

The tour can be booked in the different agencies in the city or simply in your hostel. But be careful, as the cheapest potion is not always the best option. As you are going to do extreme sport and drive a bike on a most dangerous road of the world, so make sure that your equipment is proper, especially the breaks of your bike and your helmet. We have booked our tour over the “Ride On” agency and paid 499 bs for it, which is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive option. However, I can only recommend the company, as the equipment was quite new, the guide very experienced (lucky we, he was even a doctor) and the banana cakes for the breakfast were just amazing ;).


Make sure you rent a proper equipment, double check especially the helm and the breaks of the bike!

Our tour started at 7 am in the morning. We were picked up in our hostel and drew with our mini van to the highest point of the tour. However, on the day of our tour it was snowing really badly, so we were stacked in the mountains for two hours longer than planned and could not drive the first part of the tour on the bikes. Well, the reason for being that slowly might also be the flat tire we had and did not realized until a bus driver from another agency told us while he was overtaking us. So consequently, our company was the last on the road, which had an advantage as well: the roads were free of other bikers and we could enjoy the road and the nature just for us. After we passed the most snowy areas of the mountains, the guides (we had three of them for a group of seven!), gave us our equipment and introduced couple of rules on the road. The first part of the road, until the actual Death Road, was meant to get used to the bikes and the streets. We were passing passing on an asphalt street through beautiful mountains from which now a then a small waterfall sprinkled out of nowhere. The mountains reminded a lot of the Alps. And the air was much cleaner than in La Paz, you could finally breath properly here!! The second part of the road was more interesting though. From the top of the mountain we have looked into a rainforest valley and could see the beginning of the Dead Road leading into the middle of a rainforest jungle. The first stop on the road was the highest cliff on the road, where we really got the impression of how the next two hours driving on a 2-3 meters narrow streets, next to this dangerous cliff, are going to be. After this we were riding in line, making several stops on places called like Peruvian or French corner, which were called like this after the nationalities of people who died there. So yeah, it was pretty scary and nothing for people afraid of heights. P1400885However, even though I am slightly afraid of heights as well, as we needed to concentrate on the road and driving the bike all the time, we did not really get a chance to look down the cliff while driving. Or at least I did not. Or maybe I didn’t want to :D. The food was included in the prices of the tour, so we got breakfast at the beginning, couple of snacks during and a buffet dinner after the tour. The climate changed rapidly during the ride. While it was snowing at the very beginning on the top of the mountains, the snow turned into rain at the beginning of the second part of the road and at the end of the tour, in the Amazonian area, sun and a lots of mosquitos were awaiting us (so bring a mosquito protection with you!). The most companies end the tour in a restaurant with a nice pool, where you can cool down after the adventure. The road is really rocky, so at the end of the tour experienced kind of short-term Parkinson.

This road is not called Death Road and the Most Dangerous Road in the World for no reason. In our group (of seven people) a girl was injured pretty baldy, as she felt on her left hip and shoulder and she was actually lucky because she could have been one of the countless people who already died on this road. And yeah, she would probably get a corner named after her, “the Brazilian corner”.

However, the feeling after the reaching the last point on the road was amazing. Full of adrenaline, dust, mud, aching hands, back and butts, we knew we made it: “We have survived the world`s most dangerous road!”.



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