Hello there!

My name is Vik Timka and I´m student, backpacking, traveling and exploring the world whenever it`s possible. Thank you for stopping by and browsing through this travel blog. I hope, you can find here some useful travel tips or just get inspire for your next journey! Then you might also have been bitten by that travel bug, as have been three years ago…

My travel story

When I was a child, I have always loved to travel. I would count the days until the departure for holidays, make a packing list weeks in advance and dream about sun and ocean almost every night. Slovakia, where I originally come from, is an inland country. So most of the Slovaks use to travel to Croatia during the summer. And so did my family. I can still feel the anticipation I felt when I have seen the ocean twinkling in the horizon. As I was 13, my parents and I moved to Germany, but most of my relatives and my a lot of my friends stayed in Slovakia. We have traveled three or four times a year from Germany to Slovakia, mostly on holidays. A car drive to my home city in Slovakia is around 15 hours. The most people used to say: “Oh noo, poor you, such a long drive! ” However, I`ve loved it! I could read, listen to the music or just think about everything and anything.

My first big journey took place three years ago to Australia, where I have stayed for a month traveling with friends of mine. A lot of my friends from Germany were doing a work and travel gap year in Australia. However, Slovaks are not granted these types of Australian visa. So I could travel there just with the classic holiday visa. Still, traveling by car and exploring the East coast, I could fully experience the backpacker lifestyle. And it was there, probably somewhere in the Australian rainforest, where the travel bug as bitten me (in a case you don´t know, travel bugs are spreading a cureless disease…).

Half a year later, between my second and third semester of my studies, I have spent three months of holidays in summer, exploring the Southeast Asia. I have work two months for a surfing magazine on Bali, which were probably two unforgettable months of my life. Surfing on Kuta Beach, driving around the island with my scooter, climbing Gunung Rinjani and partying on Gili Trawangan – what more can you wish for? By the way, on of my inner dreams is still to move to Canggu and live and work from there as a freelancer.

Anyway, one year later I have applied for a semester abroad in states and got accepted at the Baylor University in Waco. I have spent there one-semester studying Film and Digital Media and I can definitely say, that it was the best part of my study. Before the semester I have done a West Coast trip and after my semester I have driven by car from Waco to New York, where I have spent two weeks over Christmas and New Year´s Eve. After New York, I have done a small detour to Miami – that´s basically a short summary of how I have explored the US.

A half year later, after I have finished my studies, my big dream was to travel to South America. So that´s where I am right now – backpacking and exploring South America

I was always planning to start a travel blog, as a lot of people asked me for travel tips in countries I have visited so far. And not only because of that. I see writing a blog as creating memories.I can read my stories again when I feel trapped in my everyday life and feel wanderlust, the desire to travel to other countries. Writing a blog, I am also, realizing mistakes I might have done during my travels as well as appreciate everything that I have done correctly. And most importantly, I can appreciate the liberty and freedom of traveling, that my country, my friends and relatives, my financial and social situation allow me to explore the beauty of the world. Yes, writing a blog requires enough courage, conviction, and persistence. But anything you loves, requires it, doesn´t it?

Thank you for taking your time and explore this travel blog! If you have any question, comment or anything you woul like me to let me know – send me an Email or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook!

– Vik Timka